Making Tags More Useful and Helping Site Performance

Starting next week, the tags on your projects will become more useful. Tags will now be clickable and will take you to a search result page showing projects with the same tag.

We are limiting the number of tags allowed per project to 10, to encourage users to create more meaningful tags so they are more useful in finding both your project and related projects. We will also change the tagging and search algorithm, so the site will be able to handle more traffic. The new tag rules are as follows:

  • Projects can have up to 10 tags
  • Tags can be between 2 and 32 characters
  • Tags may not contain the word “LEGO” alone, but it is acceptable in multi-word tags like “LEGO Architecture.”
  • Tags may not contain the following special characters in a tag: , :, <, or >

Please check your project to make sure it has no more than 10 tags. On Tuesday May 22, we will automatically remove excess tags on projects including tags more then 32 characters.