New Guideline and Instructions for Collaborative Projects

In the first six months of operating the global version of LEGO CUUSOO, we’ve seen an encouraging pattern emerge: collaboration on projects. Teamwork makes us smile. Some people are very good at building a model or illustrating a concept with good artwork. Others are good at promoting their project and gaining traffic from other websites to increase their supporter count. By working together, you can complement each others’ strengths and increase your success.

So, we’ve updated our Project Guidelines so you can “legally” collaborate with other builders and feature others’ work with permission. Projects are still owned by the project creator or owner. As a project owner, you can collaborate with one or more fellow CUUSOO users to build the LEGO model or concept artwork to communicate your idea. All collaborators must have a LEGO CUUSOO account and adhere to the Guidelines and House Rules.

To register your collaborative project, have each team member read Guideline #6 and register your collaborative project with us via the instructions. This way, we can log each collaborator so we know that they have given you permission to include their work in your project.

Happy Collaborating!

7 Habits of Highly Effective CUUSOO Project Owners

So, you’ve got a great project idea, and you want to learn what it will take to reach 10,000 supporters. Just what does it take to get there? We took a look at the habits of some of the most successful projects owners on LEGO CUUSOO, and here’s what we found.

While we can’t promise you results, follow these habits and you’ll be well on your way to gaining more supporters for your project.

Highly Effective LEGO CUUSOO Project Owners…

  1. Take the long view. Before they start, they understand that achieving 10,000 is not going to be easy and it’s going to take a lot of effort and patience.
  2. Make a quality project before posting. The best projects feature original work that the builder has put a lot of time into.
  3. Only post one or two projects at a time. Trying to do more than one or two means you can’t put the quality into your projects to make them worthy of being noticed.
  4. Make the effort to write a good description. The best descriptions are two to three paragraphs, using proper grammar and punctuation. They tell the story of the  project and inspire people to support it, without directly asking.
  5. Use appropriate tags. Successful project owners know the right tags makes a project easier to find. They also only use tags that are relevant, and don’t use unrelated tags, which is considered “tag spam.”
  6. Tirelessly promote on relevant websites and social networks. They know that each person who sees a project can only support it once, so they keep sharing their work with other people and communities who can drive traffic to their project.
  7. Participate respectfully in the LEGO CUUSOO community. They’re helpful and thankful, they don’t spam others’ projects, and they’re polite and encouraging when giving constructive feedback. They make sure all of their comments follow the Guidelines and House Rules.

For inspiration, check out the most supported projects on LEGO CUUSOO. Take a look at at their photos and descriptions, and start living these seven habits.

Want to hear it directly from a successful project owner? Check out this interview with Yatkuu, the builder of the Winchester model that achieved 10,000 supporters. He gives advice to others submitting projects to LEGO CUUSOO.

Best of luck to you on your quest to 10,000 supporters!

Approval Process for New Projects on LEGO CUUSOO


Today we introduce an approval process for new projects, similar to how the Apple App Store handles new app submissions. Our team will check for adherence to the Guidelines and House Rules. We do this so that we can maintain a healthy community by only allowing appropriate projects from the start.

We’ll check for plagiarism, too, but can’t guarantee we’ll catch every instance. You will still be able to report projects that aren’t based on original work, and if we confirm a project uses someone else’s work, we will remove it.

Once we examine your new project, we’ll either approve and publish it, or let you know the reason it was not approved so you can edit it and submit again. Please understand that by approving and publishing your project, our team is not endorsing your project as a product idea.

It’s our hope that adding this review step will provide a better experience than the old setup of allowing you to publish your project and then removing it later if it doesn’t follow the community standards.

Thank you again for using LEGO CUUSOO and best of luck with your projects!