Link Roundup: Your LEGO CUUSOO Tips

Last week, we posted an open call for you to share your tips for using LEGO CUUSOO on your own blogs, and promised a link in return. We received five posts from four LEGO CUUSOO fans, thanks everyone!

Each post contains some great tips and good opinions. Here we’ve picked out a highlight from each one as we share the link so you can go read each post. So, check out these fellow users’ tips and put them into practice on your projects:

  • Huw Millington posted: “Think outside the box: Don’t bother submitting anything that’s remotely like what LEGO is already producing, or is likely to. Come up with something new.” Read Huw’s entire post on Brickset.
  • GlenBricker provides an excellent analysis of “relative support,” or how your project ranks next to other projects. It also gives reassurance that you’re doing better than you might think if you only have a 50-250 supporters. Here’s Glen’s chart comparing supporter count to project ranking:
  • In a separate post, Glen analyzes what is a realistic minifigure count for LEGO sets. This isn’t a tip we would have thought to share, but it’s totally true (wink wink, nudge nudge).
  • Richard Hayes of BrickFanatics gives us a series of tips, and the one that sticks out to us is to build your idea (well) in bricks. The model and presentation in your cover photo is your best chance at attracting suppporters, so make both high quality if you want people to get on board.
  • CUUSOO user Dralcax shares his list of tips, and we especially like #6, talking about price range. There is no set bottom or top price point for a CUUSOO project to be accepted, but you’ll have a better chance of us accepting your project if it is a reasonable size.

Didn’t write up your tips in time to make it into this post? Share your tips or leave your link in the comments below.

Open Call: Share Your LEGO CUUSOO Tips

If you’ve been on LEGO CUUSOO for a while, you see the vastly different approaches people take to creating their projects. If you follow the site really closely and are active in LEGO fan forums, you’ll also see the different ways people promote their projects from reading discussions about CUUSOO.

We’d love to see more tips and tricks about how to build and promote your projects that can be shared with everyone. And, who better to share this advice than the very people testing these techniques on their own projects?

That’s what LEGO CUUSOO user GlenBricker did when he wrote up this article about how to make and use QR codes on MOC cards to promote CUUSOO projects at LEGO fan conventions. Since it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and con season is in full swing (I’ll be at Brickworld in Chicago this weekend), this is a great tip for any of you looking to promote your project. We know there are more great tips out ther, so we’re hoping you can share yours too.

LEGO Fans, Start Your Blogs
So, this post is an open call for you to blog your best tips for using LEGO CUUSOO and receive a link back to your blog from us. Talk about the ways you refine your projects to articulate your ideas, and talk about your ideas or what you’ve found works best in promoting your projects (as long as it’s legal, of course). Write up your posts between now and the end of next Sunday, June 24 and send them to us. As long as your post follows our little list of rules below, we’ll link to it in a link roundup post that shares the tips with everyone!

Here are the Rules

  • Write whatever tips and tricks you think are best. Keep your advice legal and ethical (e.g. having a celebrity tweet your project by asking nicely = good, setting up a black-hat SEO link farm = bad).
  • Keep your article focused on tips that help your fellow builders. You may use your project as an example, but it should be your secondary focus.
  • Your post should follow the LEGO CUUSOO Guidelines and House Rules for appropriate content and tone.
  • Please write in English. You may include a translation to another language so long as our English-speaking staff can read your post.
  • Email your link to with the subject “CUUSOO Tips Blog Post” by the end of Sunday, June 24.

Disclaimer: we will link to your post only if you follow these common-sense rules. :-)

Don’t hold back (the time has come to galvanize)!

7 Habits of Highly Effective CUUSOO Project Owners

So, you’ve got a great project idea, and you want to learn what it will take to reach 10,000 supporters. Just what does it take to get there? We took a look at the habits of some of the most successful projects owners on LEGO CUUSOO, and here’s what we found.

While we can’t promise you results, follow these habits and you’ll be well on your way to gaining more supporters for your project.

Highly Effective LEGO CUUSOO Project Owners…

  1. Take the long view. Before they start, they understand that achieving 10,000 is not going to be easy and it’s going to take a lot of effort and patience.
  2. Make a quality project before posting. The best projects feature original work that the builder has put a lot of time into.
  3. Only post one or two projects at a time. Trying to do more than one or two means you can’t put the quality into your projects to make them worthy of being noticed.
  4. Make the effort to write a good description. The best descriptions are two to three paragraphs, using proper grammar and punctuation. They tell the story of the  project and inspire people to support it, without directly asking.
  5. Use appropriate tags. Successful project owners know the right tags makes a project easier to find. They also only use tags that are relevant, and don’t use unrelated tags, which is considered “tag spam.”
  6. Tirelessly promote on relevant websites and social networks. They know that each person who sees a project can only support it once, so they keep sharing their work with other people and communities who can drive traffic to their project.
  7. Participate respectfully in the LEGO CUUSOO community. They’re helpful and thankful, they don’t spam others’ projects, and they’re polite and encouraging when giving constructive feedback. They make sure all of their comments follow the Guidelines and House Rules.

For inspiration, check out the most supported projects on LEGO CUUSOO. Take a look at at their photos and descriptions, and start living these seven habits.

Want to hear it directly from a successful project owner? Check out this interview with Yatkuu, the builder of the Winchester model that achieved 10,000 supporters. He gives advice to others submitting projects to LEGO CUUSOO.

Best of luck to you on your quest to 10,000 supporters!