Announcing the Next LEGO® CUUSOO Set, and Fall 2013 LEGO Review Results

As promised in our review deadline post, here are the results of the Fall 2013 LEGO® Review! We’ve looked closely at each of the seven projects in this review period, and here is what we have decided:

LEGO CUUSOO #007: Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

We’re thrilled to take the ECTO-1 and minifigure characters from BrentWaller’s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary project and release them as the next LEGO CUUSOO set. This is an amazing model, and the set will be a fantastic representation of the cult classic film. Supporters know that Brent put a lot of love into this, and the final model, which we can’t reveal quite yet, will be largely based on his original car design. The final design, pricing and availability are still being worked out, and the set will be released later this year, so stay tuned!

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

We’re still evaluating the Female Minifigure Set

The LEGO Review Board is still evaluating the Female Minifigure Set project by Alatariel, and we’ll let you know when we have a decision.

All other projects in the Fall 2013 Review periods will not be produced

The LEGO Review Board has evaluated each project according to our decision criteria. We’ve decided that all other concepts in the Fall 2013 review periods (including the Land-Rover Defender 110 project from the Spring 2012 period) will unfortunately not be produced as LEGO sets. However, this decision doesn’t take away from the amazing talent put into these projects or the passion supporters have shown.

Fall 2013 LEGO Review Results

What happened to the other Ghostbusters Project?

We had a special case during this review period: two projects based on the movie Ghostbusters reached 10,000 supporters within the same review period. At the time, we hadn’t fully considered a case like this. Our team looked both at both the immediate choice at hand and also at the precedent our decision sets for the future of the LEGO CUUSOO community.

Ultimately we chose to base this LEGO CUUSOO set on the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary project for two reasons; this project reached 10,000 supporters first, and our designers decided to base our upcoming set on BrentWaller’s car model. To clarify future cases, we’ve added a Guideline that states if two projects are based on a similar concept, we will consider the project that reaches 10,000 supporters first. See our FAQ for more information on this decision.

How do we make these decisions?

We know you work hard to gain 10,000 votes on a project, but that is really just the beginning of your project’s journey. Once a project reaches that 10,000 milestone, it moves from the Idea Stage onto the Review Stage.

During the Review Stage, a team of specialists within The LEGO Group – including LEGO set designers, marketing and business representatives, and other relevant team members – evaluate the project to determine its potential as a LEGO set. This involves analyzing the votes and information you give us about your project as well as factors such as a project’s playability, safety, and fit within the LEGO brand. This can take months, although exact timing varies due to all the factors involved. Every potential LEGO product, including those developed internally, goes through a process like this and must meet the same standards.

The LEGO Review Board makes all final decisions on which new sets the LEGO Group will release based on CUUSOO projects.

Winter 2014 LEGO Review Results coming Mid-2014

Now that we’re on our new Review schedule, the Winter 2014 LEGO Review is well underway, and you can expect results late Spring. This will be the last of the quarterly reviews and future periods will be labelled “First,” “Second,” and “Third” each year as described in our last post. We’re really looking forward to bringing you the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary set and considering more of your projects as they reach 10,000 supporters and qualify for review.

Happy building!

9 thoughts on “Announcing the Next LEGO® CUUSOO Set, and Fall 2013 LEGO Review Results

  1. I’m extremely disappointed at this decision and would urge LEGO to add the Female Scientist Minifig line. Definitely WILL NOT be buying a Ghostbuster set (or any set based on 30 year or violent properties my kids have no knowledge or interest in).
    C’mon LEGO – stop producing for collectors and remember who your products are intended for.

    • I’m leaning towards agreeing with you. I’m still saving in order to get the new Cinema and Parisian Restaurant. Plus several of the lower cost ($20 $50) sets.
      I would love to have the Simpsons set and the Ghostbuster’s set. But who can afford all this? I’m on a fixed income. Instead of going on a small getaway or buying a new pair of jeans or buying any name brand items, ALL of my extra income (less than $50 a month) goes into a jar so I can make my purchases at the end of October (for the first xmas LE item & dbl points) and in Nov. (2nd xmas LE item & triple points!). So all year I watch as all the new stuff comes out and having to decide when the time comes which items i will purchase.

  2. There is a PLETHORA of female minifigs already on the market, Donald Roos, that cover a variety of professions and lines. I suggest you get informed and buy them for “your kids”. In fact, the vast majority of Lego product is geared towards children… your pleas of them being ignored are risible. You literally have the entirety of retail Lego product to choose from. Please do so.

    Lego is a business, and collectors will pay for licensed sets, as the Back to the Future set has proven. Cuusoo gives that niche an outlet without committing to a full line. It’s really that simple.

    • Robert, while there is a significant problem with the gender balance in the normal sets I have to agree with you that the cuusoo lines are mostly collectors items anyway and thus this is less relevant.

      However, there is a significant number of women, especially in the stem fields, who really want to love lego but who feel excluded by having to chose between male centered sets and the pink girl sets. Being able to buy separate figures online does not really change this. This is the collectors set for us. I know that I would want at least one set for myself and, if well done and reasonably priced (and not pinkified), a few extra to play with and/or give away. So while this might not be a collectors item that is interesting to you, there are many of us who really want it. Personally I have been following this set since I first heard of it.

      I also believe that many parents who dislike the current gender ratios in the normal sets would find it convenient to buy this set as an add-on. It might even give lego some well needed goodwill among this group without them having to change their focus of their main lines.

  3. Haha Donald, Collectors are the only people buying CUUSOO sets for a reason! You will buy your kids “popular” toys, and in a few months they’ll neglect them for something else entirely. Being a Lego enthusiast for over 20 years, people like myself are now buying Lego CUUSOO sets as a form of nostalgic gratification. Personally, I purchased the Back to the Future set, and I couldn’t be happier.

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