Updates to the Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service

Today we’re introducing some updates to LEGO® CUUSOO’s Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service based on things we’ve learned over the last two years. These changes will help focus the contents of your projects toward what we’re able to commercialize through LEGO CUUSOO. We’ve seen a lot of great ideas and models from you, but not everything fits what is practical or possible to make and sell.

Now that we’ve been through a few LEGO Review periods, it’s easier to decide what types of submissions work as potential sets and what kinds don’t. In order to nurture a pipeline that’s more in line with what is possible to produce, these changes narrow the scope of what we’ll consider.

What’s changing?

The new Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service clarify and refine what types of submissions we’ll consider as potential LEGO sets. Our goal is to make review decisions more quickly, which means new CUUSOO sets will get into your hands sooner.


Here are some changes we would like to highlight:

New Guideline What This Means 
Brick-Based Construction Toy Projects Only Please only create projects suggesting standard LEGO sets and not new parts, software, websites, apps, or non-LEGO brick based products (backpacks, mugs, etc).
One Project = One LEGO Set Projects should only suggest single stand-alone LEGO sets, and not a series of products or a playtheme.
No Minifigure Series or “Battle Packs” We no longer allow projects suggesting solely minifigures, minifigure collectibles, “battle packs,” “character packs,” etc.
Only Use Authentic LEGO Parts Please do not include non-LEGO brand bricks in your projects, whether from competing brands or after-market customizers.
No Company Logos or Team Mascots We no longer consider projects consisting of company, team, or organization logos or mascots.
Please Don’t Use Our Logos You may not use the LEGO Logo (or represent it), or any of our other logos in a way that could imply we endorse your project. See this guide for clarification.

CUUSOO Sets and Potential Playthemes

LEGO CUUSOO is set up to evaluate and release single LEGO set concepts that reach 10,000 supporters, and not playthemes, product ranges, or parts. The LEGO Minecraft concept proved so popular that the LEGO Group decided to release more sets as a continuation of our license agreement with MOJANG. This is really exciting because even more people will be able to celebrate their love for building, both with LEGO bricks and in the Minecraft universe!

While this naturally gives hope that your concepts could also make it to “theme status,” our team still sees future scenarios like this as incredibly rare. Nevertheless, it is a possibility, so we’ve also added Guidelines language that clearly states we don’t offer credit or compensation for any potential follow-up sets, since those are developed by us outside of LEGO CUUSOO.

New House Rules

It’s occasionally necessary to remind people of our expectations of respect, etiquette, and fair behavior, so we’re adding these two House Rules:

  • Respect Privacy. You may voluntarily link to your social media accounts on your profile but please do not share your email address, phone number, or other contact details. Never share someone else’s personal details that are not readily available on their LEGO CUUSOO profile.
  • One Account Per Person. LEGO CUUSOO is designed for creative people who play fairly and honestly. Secondary accounts will be removed when discovered and users who operate multiple accounts risk being permanently banned from participation. Please refrain from creating “team” or group accounts.

Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service, oh my!

We refer to these a lot, but what is the difference between them? Here’s how these documents relate to each other:

CUUSOO Guidelines House Rules Hierarchy - Cropped

Moving Forward

Our team has learned a lot over the last two years of the LEGO CUUSOO Open Beta. We’ve browsed your great projects and ideas, and have had the privilege of evaluating those that make it into the LEGO Review. We’ve learned volumes about what’s possible to produce and what isn’t within the CUUSOO framework.

As a result of these changes, there are now many existing projects we won’t consider anymore. Many projects that no longer fit will soon be removed and their creators notified. Owners of projects that can be modified to fit the Guidelines will also be contacted. To simplify the administration of this change, projects with over 1,000 supporters will have until December 31 to make the necessary changes, and projects under 1,000 are asked to make the necessary changes before they reach 1,000 supporters.

Know that we can’t express enough how much we appreciate the passion and energy that goes into each and every one of your submissions, even if we’re not able to make them. Thanks again for enthusiastically sharing with us the things you would like to see made into future LEGO products and we’re looking forward to making more LEGO wishes come true as we grow.

14 thoughts on “Updates to the Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service

  1. This seems to rule out projects where the sole purpose is a new part, and use of third-party parts, but are you specifically ruling out projects that require a new shape of part to be manufactured? If so, please could you say so specifically?

  2. I am so disappointed in this site. I spent a lot of time working and designing my part ideas that were accepted by your team as good under the last set of the Terms of Service . It seems coincidental that after my new part idea exceed 1,000 votes and another user on this site brought up the question in my comments about how royalties and payments are made that you suddenly change the Terms of Service and delete both my projects. I spoke to a lawyer at my work today about this sudden change and he was clear that if LEGO produces either of my part ideas, the original terms of agreement still stands for the intellectual property that I agreed to when I uploaded my idea to this site, and a payment still needs to be paid out as outlined in the original Terms of Service regardless of the terms being different now. Username: potluck.

    • Only if your part was accepted under the old Cuusoo terms. If your part was already planned as an upcoming part, or a modification of one of LEGO’s parts, and they made it without you getting 10,000 votes AND approval, then you wouldn’t get anything.

      Plus, do you know just how hard it is to make a new part mold? Extremely hard and expensive.

    • Per House Rules #10:

      There may be unintentional overlap between your ideas and our current product development. Great minds think alike! If you get an idea for a new LEGO set, it’s possible our design team has had a similar idea on their own. If the LEGO Group introduces a product similar to an idea submitted on LEGO CUUSOO you understand and acknowledge that any coincidence is unintentional and release the LEGO Group against any claims of infringement.

      I absolutely doubt LEGO CUUSOO would change their ToS in a split second because of some comment made. This is legal stuff here. This was in the works a few months ago, not in a matter of days.

  3. This is good! I think you took the right step in this decision. I didn’t like the lack of creativity of licensed themes, and it obviously made the review process harder and longer because you had to contact the other companies, etc. Good work, LEGO! :) I can’t wait to see people’s original ideas coming to LEGO CUUSOO.

  4. I think these changes are good as well! Brings more originality to the site, something I think is both good and will make for some very interesting submissions. Keep up the good work, LEGO!

  5. I can’t shake the feeling that the actions of only a few led to these drastic changes. This is very sad for all the creators on Cuusoo, who did create with the best intentions.


  6. Does the “no new parts” piece (no pun intended) include a part shape that already exists, but asking for a new color of that part?

    For example If I wanted a standard Lego Cone shaped Tree, but in say Orange. Would that be acceptable? Or would it be somehting that would need to be replaced by a brick built orange tree instead?

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