LEGO® Back to the Future™ at San Diego Comic Con, On Sale August 1 Globally

The fourth LEGO® CUUSOO set is finally here! Today we’re proud to show you 21103, LEGO Back to the Future.™

The Back to the Future Time Machine was submitted by two fan builders and selected last December to be the next LEGO CUUSOO set. Based on the 1980s film trilogy starring Michael J. Fox, the LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine was chosen due to its broad worldwide appeal and that the model lends itself to challenging and creative building for both children and adults.

Fans whose LEGO CUUSOO ideas are selected for production earn one percent of the total net sales of the product. Fan collaborators on this LEGO CUUSOO project, Masashi Togami and Minifig Builder Sakuretsu, will donate royalties to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

The Model
This set features such details as the Flux Capacitor, a time display tile, the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, and LEGO Minifigure versions of Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet “Doc” Brown. You can build all three versions as featured in the Back to the Future™ trilogy, right down to the printed OUTATIME and barcode license plates. This unique set also includes a fascinating instruction booklet containing production notes, original images and fun details from the movies.

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The Design Process
The original model submitted by Togami and Sakuretsu provided a strong starting point for the product you see today. Veteran LEGO designer Steen Sig Andersen crafted the final set design based on the fan submission, input from Universal Studios Partnerships & Licensing, and the official Back to the Future fan website

On Sale Soon Now
LEGO Back to the Future is available this week in limited quantities at the LEGO booth at San Diego Comic Con and participating European LEGO stores. It goes on is for sale globally August 1 in the online LEGO Shop, LEGO Stores, and select retail partners, at a recommended price of $34.99 / €34,99.

Back to the Future Films are trademarks and copyrights of Universal Studios and U-Drive Joint Venture. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Editor’s note: Thank you to those who have reported the spelling error on the Flux Capacitor brick. Please see this Knowledge Base article for more information.

42 thoughts on “LEGO® Back to the Future™ at San Diego Comic Con, On Sale August 1 Globally

  1. Awesome news, despite the finished model is far from being Lego’s best effort. I know the very existence of this set is a real tour de force, though. The minifigs, printed elements and booklet seem very nice, but considering there’s a typo on the flux capacitor (SHEILD should be spelled SHIELD!), I think Lego should issue a replacement part for customers who purchase this set. I don’t want to sound whiny, but this is not the high quality we’ve all come to expect from them. Thanks anyway, this is a childhood dream come true.

  2. Ummmm… the flux capacitor piece says “SHEILD eyes from light”. Shouldn’t that be “Shield”? (You can send me a free Delorean set to thank me :D )

  3. LEGO’s are awesome! And this new stuff coming out is going to be awesome. I just posted an interested article about how LEGO’s got started. Thank goodness for Mr. Christensen.

  4. I am dissapointed that there is no hoverboard and mr fusion doesn’t look very good. Other than that I would definitely purchase this product

  5. Shouldn’t it read:
    “NOV 05 1955” at destination time AND
    “OCT 26 1985” at present time ??

    – You use numbers for the month. In the film they used 3 letters.
    – the destination time does not correspond with the original dates from the first BTTF movie..
    – the “sheild” was mentioned above numerous times.

  6. How disappointing. The original design looked much closer to the source. A Delorean has a flat slopped hood, and the cars cabin doesn’t tapper inward very much on each side of the windshield. Now it has an awkward stepped hood, The parts exist to make the hood like the original, why change? You guys took a perfectly awesome design and changed it for the worse. Would have been nice if this shipped with 6 minifigs too, one for each character from each movie, like the submission had. I would like to say the license plate and internal gadgets are a nice addition, even tho shield is misspelled. The pink board never had wheels in the movie either, it was a hoverboard. In the first movie Marty took a box scooter from a boy and tore the top off to make a skateboard, but that was not pink.

  7. This will be the first Cuusoo set I will be getting (and I know already I will be getting several of them misspelled piece and all. I know LEGO will make good by it). Thank you LEGO for bringing this set to the fans.

    I only wish the hood of the car used the long sloped roof piece as in the original Cuusoo design. But we can all fix that ourselves (that’s why we love LEGO right).

  8. Lego ‘Back to the Future’ Delorean on sale soon | Hung Magazine

  9. I know that most people are bringing to your attention the misspelled shield, however I don’t know if you’ve seen that the Time Circuits say the destination is 1958, however, the proper date from the movies is 1955. Marty never went to 1958.

  10. I don’t think this has been mentioned yet, but “Sheild” should’ve been spelled “Shield”.
    On a serious note, I think Mr. Steen Sig Andersen owes us an explanation on his artistic decision on the DeLorean design.

  11. “LEGO Stores, and select retail partners, at a recommended price of $34.99 / €34,99.”
    Are you aware of the currency exchange difference between these two? Why not 34.99 Zimbabwean dollars?

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