A Closer Look at Our Top 6 Most Supported Projects

Here at LEGO® CUUSOO, we don’t really know how to slow down. The Fall Review Deadline may have passed (and yes, we know we owe you an update on the Summer review – believe us when we say, we’ll announce the results as soon as we can), but already we’re looking ahead to the winter deadline (December 3rd), and you should too. We have a handful of builds that are very close to that 10,000 mark – what will make the cut?


Space Troopers!*
8,600+ Supporters!

It’s hard to believe this project has been in the “idea stage” for almost a year now! This project sports a number of ideas for new minifigs, and the creators are quick to point out the many possibilities for other themes that could be incorporated, as well as an advanced storyline for fans of all ages. One interesting thing to note on this build is that it has collected nearly as many comments as it has supporters. Truly a build which inspires conversation!

Exo Suit
7,500+ Supporters!

Sticking with the sci-fi theme, the Exo Suit seems to be a must have for any adventurous LEGO space ‘fig. After this build became his most popular model on Flickr, Peter Reid decided to create it as a project so others could have a chance to own it. With enough supporters, no LEGO Minifigure will have to go into the great unknown of space unprepared again…

Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google
7,000+ Supporters!

Whether you use an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or even a vintage flip phone, it’s hard not to appreciate Andy. With fully rotating arms and head, this model is more than just a show piece. Having received a number of media mentions, including on Brickset and Geek.com, Andy has managed to climb to the top of the most supported list in less than two months – not an easy task!

Land-Rover Defender 110
5,700+ Supporters!

To fully appreciate this build, you have to see it in action. I remember back when this was featured as in the Most Popular Bookmarks of the Week on ReBrick…how time flies! With around 2,800 parts, 7 motors, and 3 IR receivers, this supercar looks and sounds more impressive than my real-life car.


Correction: We made an oops – sorry we missed including The Legend of Zelda Project in the previous version! This blog post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this totally awesome project. 

– The Legend of Zelda Project –
5,000+ supporters!

It’s clear from the Legend of Zelda project currently in review and this one that CUUSOO fans are crazy about Legend of Zelda! This project has a strong focus on LEGO Minifigures, especially a high quality Link figure as he appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  It also showcases some high quality possible sets (my personal favorite is “The Temple of Time”).

Macross VF-1 Valkyrie +Fast Pack / Armored Parts
4,300+ Supporters! 

Whether you followed the various Macross TV shows and movies on from the 1980s, or just happen to be a fan of mecha, this is the project for you. Although the model pictured is from the show, “Space Fortress Macross”, the builder points out that the build and re-build aspect of LEGO bricks will give this model endless possibilities for customization. It’s also a project that will excite Japanese animation fans across the globe!

These are just five six of the top supported builds on LEGO CUUSOO, browse the Discover page to find more fantastic creations needing your support. Also keep in mind that just because a project isn’t in the Top Supported Projects list now doesn’t mean it won’t come up from behind and qualify for the Winter Review. Your support and sharing can aid any project’s quest for 10,000 supporters, so please pass them along to your friends and spread the word far and wide!

* The project was re-named from its original, user-submitted name, as it originally mentioned a trademark owned by another company, who  requested we cease using the trademark. For more information, see this blog post.

13 thoughts on “A Closer Look at Our Top 6 Most Supported Projects

  1. In light of the fact that the Summer Review is taking so long, will you consider making ad hoc announcements in the future? That way, the fans could learn the fate of individual projects right as the decisions are made and not have to wait for the entire review to be completed.

  2. @ sirtakkata … I believe the reason the current Zelda project is not mentioned in this post is due to the fact that another Zelda project had been in review since the summer. Regardless of the outcome of the first Zelda project, the second Zelda project will probably not see the light of day. LEGO isn’t going to approve one Zelda model and then approve another just a few months down the road. Likewise, they aren’t going to reject the first Zelda project only to approve the second. I definitely agree with their decision to leave the second project up so the designer can gain exposure, receive feedback from other fans and – ultimately – see if his work can break the 10,000 vote threshold.

  3. Why has the title of the article been changed and a paragraph about the Zelda project been added? Is this just intended to make it look like myself and sirtakkata can’t read? If you have time to change the article, can you please answer my original question?

  4. Hi there. We made the correction and noted it in the italic text above the Zelda mention.The quarterly LEGO Review means that all of the projects in that review cycle are handled in batches, including the results. We will not be announcing results for individual projects separately.

  5. @Tim CourtneyYou know, this whole idea of just saying, the project is "in review" for months and months and months doesn’t really work. I wish you guys would implement some sort of system that updated viewers throughout the months. you don’t have to give us an overall date or time span that the results would be released, but maybe update us with what step in the review process it is currently at so we don’t feel like the projects are in a state of never ending limbo. And you should update as soon as a project passes or fails instead of holding it for the rest to be completed. That way people who are waiting for a specific project don’t have to wait an inordinate amount of time. I understand why the copy right projects are taking awhile, but what about the western town?I feel like we will see the December deadline hit before we even get the summer review results.Just my 2 cents.’Any response from lego except, "we dont have a deadline yet."?

  6. Thank you for replying. I still don’t understand why the results have to be done in batches. I think it would increase traffic to the website if the fans knew the results would be released sooner. Other fans have made this request previously and since the whole point of LEGO CUUSOO is to celebrate and empower the fans, perhaps some policies should be reconsidered in light of that feedback.

  7. We handle the reviews in batches because the review is a thorough process that involves many different people from across the company. It would not be possible to involve the necessary people on-demand for each individual project, and we need the input of each to be able to decide on a product to produce.What you are seeing right now is an example of the amount of time it can take to decide and approve a LEGO product for production (any LEGO product, crowdsourced from fan ideas or not). The difference here is since you vote on concepts up-front, that creates demand and now you are waiting. With standard LEGO products and lines (the norm for us, with the exception of the few CUUSOO products to date), we go through the concept, design, and business processes for a year or two(!) before we announce a finished product; in those cases demand does not build until after we announce.The challenge here (for fans and for us at LEGO) is that we have created this amazing open opportunity … and for projects to be realized that open opportunity sits on top of a business and production process that is by necessity closed. So we can’t always answer why. I’m sorry, we can’t.LEGO CUUSOO is still a "beta" project, and it will continue in that way for quite some time. During this time we will look to improve the ways we operate and communicate. So even though we are not giving the answers you want in the way you want or as fast as you think we should, we are nonetheless committed to give you the opportunity to see fan-created ideas for LEGO products come to life.We really do understand and empathize with your frustration over the length of the Review. In product development of any sort, that is sometimes how it goes.

  8. Here is my suggestion. Each LEGO Review features these four phases:Brand Fit AnalysisBusiness Case Development and License AgreementsModel DesignFinal ReviewWhen a lego project is in review, there is that orange bar that says the project is in the "review stage" posted above the project’s thumb nail. How about instead of having it say "review stage" for the length of the entire project, you update it to the 4 stages as the projects enters the stage. At the moment, I know the projects have gone far into the review process, but getting on every day just to see, "review stage" makes it feel like it hasn’t progressed at all. At least this way we would be able to get on and see if it has progressed, right now all we have to go on is "soon". or "in a matter of weeks, not months". That’s where our frustration comes, not from the length of the review, I think we all understand why it’s taking so long, but being told something with no real update is fairly underwhelming. I’d love to log on and see a project I’ve been following go from the "brand fit analysis stage" to the "business case development and licensing stage". I would know that project is progressing closer to the final decision.Again, just my 2 cents. You say this is a beta, the most important part of a beta is to take in peoples ideas to better the final product. Maybe you guys could take this idea and tweak it to make it work, or throw it out, but I think it is something that should definitely be considered.

  9. Sorry to say, But yet again is this post incorrect, The upcoming rise of the Purdue pete project is now in 6th place!

  10. Did anyone else laugh when he said "we don’t know how to slow down?" I mean, really!? You don’t know how to speed up. It is supposed to take 3 months. This review has been going on 5… And they don’t need to "involve the necessary people on-demand for each individual project," because those people don’t make their decisions simultaneously, it’s in stages. And I’m sure each of those people give the results of their phase of the review to the rest of people in the company; they’d have to, or else it would be impossible to move on to the next stage. And each project is reviewed on it’s own merit, not the other projects in the review. That also means that LEGO would be able to post the results of the finished items in review without the other ones. Continually posting flawed arguments like this isn’t going to get LEGO anywhere… You can overcome the "challenge" by taking martymo’s above suggestion; and make us all not be mad at you.

  11. @martymo89: That is a good suggestion and we’ll consider it in the future. We are in the Final Review stage now….and touché, sirtakkata! Anything can happen and that’s what keeps things interesting! :-)

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