Video: How does the LEGO Review work?

A few weeks ago I was on a trip with some team members, and during the breaks we recorded some interviews. This is the first of several; let’s start off with the topic of the LEGO Review (and what’s taking so dang long!).

In this video, Troels talks with us a bit about his role on the LEGO Review, and how it works. Apologies in advance for the noise quality; it was an impromptu interview and I’ll get a good directional mic in the future.

I know you have been anxiously awaiting the results of the Summer LEGO Review. You’ll have to trust that we’ve been anxiously awaiting sharing some news. We’ve always said, though, that due to what is involved we can’t commit to a timeframe for an announcement.

For every other LEGO product release, we decide what to make internally and then tell you about it when we are ready. A lot of our own ideas fall to the cutting room floor, for many different reasons. In the case of LEGO CUUSOO, you vote up what you want and then we go and see if we can make it. It takes the same amount of time to make a decision, but in this case you’re already anticipating a response from us. This is a challenge, and one through which we’re learning.

It’s a lot of fun to work on potential products that a lot of people have told us they want. At the same time we must carefully set expectations and communicate what we can and cannot do.

… and yes, news of the review results are indeed coming soon. Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Video: How does the LEGO Review work?

  1. You know, this whole idea of just saying, the project is "in review" for months and months and months doesn’t really work. I wish you guys would implement some sort of system that updated viewers throughout the months. you don’t have to give us an overall date or time span that the results would be released, but maybe update us with what step in the review process it is currently at so we don’t feel like the projects are in a state of never ending limbo. And you should update as soon as a project passes or fails instead of holding it for the rest to be completed. That way people who are waiting for a specific project don’t have to wait an inordinate amount of time. I understand why the copy right projects are taking awhile, but what about the western town?I feel like we will see the December deadline hit before we even get the summer review results.Just my 2 cents.

  2. "and yes, news of the review results are indeed coming soon. Watch this space."Well, that is certainly comforting. OH WAIT, THEY SAID THE RESULTS WERE COMING SOON 5 WEEKS AGO!!! So this doesn’t help either. You should just post the results. There is no way the review could take this long, even with all of the stuff in the video. Post the results for the ones in review you have finished, or did it take this long to finish one idea… I salute you for your n00bishness.

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