Congratulations to the LEGO® CUUSOO Fall Review Qualifiers

As of midnight today, September 3 (GMT), the deadline to qualify for the Fall review has passed. The LEGO CUUSOO team extends our warm congratulations to the following projects that have successfully achieved 10,000 supporters and will be included in the Fall Review!


What is the LEGO Review?
For background, check out our three-part blog series on the LEGO Review. The first post announces the quarterly schedule, the second outlines the phases of the review, and the final post shares our our cheat sheet on how to pass the LEGO Review.

When will we announce the results of the Summer Review?
We know you’re at the edge of your seats to find out which projects will pass the Summer LEGO Review. We’re just as eager to share the news as you are to hear it. The results should be in within the next several weeks, watch this space for updates!

Next Review Deadline: December 3rd
Future quarterly review deadlines will be will be early December, March, June, and September respectively. The deadline to achieve 10,000 supporters and qualify for the Winter review is Monday, December 3 (midnight GMT).

4 thoughts on “Congratulations to the LEGO® CUUSOO Fall Review Qualifiers

  1. You know, this whole idea of just saying, the project is "in review" for months and months and months doesn’t really work. I wish you guys would implement some sort of system that updated viewers throughout the months. you don’t have to give us an overall date or time span that the results would be released, but maybe update us with what step in the review process it is currently at so we don’t feel like the projects are in a state of never ending limbo. And you should update as soon as a project passes or fails instead of holding it for the rest to be completed. That way people who are waiting for a specific project don’t have to wait an inordinate amount of time. I understand why the copy right projects are taking awhile, but what about the western town?I feel like we will see the December deadline hit before we even get the summer review results. Just my 2 cents.

  2. ikr? I am getting really, really infuriated at them. I mean, if it takes 6 months to review a project, why have reviews every 3 months? Keep this up, and the December review for this year will end up finishing by December next year. And "several" means "2 or 3" – not 4-infinity. Don’t you guys realize that you have been looking at four (4) sets (count them, four) for almost 5 months?! I knew it would take a long time, but I was thinking 5 weeks of something. How long could it possibly take?! And like Martymo said, why no updates? All this does is frustrate us even more. You could at least tell us WHY it’s taking so long, instead of making us all mad at you.

  3. I’m assuming the current review is taking so long because of licensing talks with Nintento (which I’m pretty sure have fell through, and we’ll hear about it soon enough). They probably held the reviews of other projects back so that all the projects in review could be revealed at the same time. Patience everyone ;) I’m thinking we’ll get the results sometime within the next 7 days. Call it a hunch.

  4. A wrong hunch. Still doesn’t answer why no updates, or why, like martymo said, no at least releasing the results for the other sets. And Nintendo probably isn’t the problem, as they have Mario Kart K’nex and Pokemon Mega Blocks. This shouldn’t be any different.

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