Congratulations to the LEGO CUUSOO Summer Review Qualifiers!

As of midnight today, June 4 (GMT), the deadline to qualify for the Summer review has passed. The LEGO CUUSOO team extends our warm congratulations to the following projects that have successfully achieved 10,000 supporters and will be included in the Summer Review!


Our team will evalute each project for brand fit (is it appropriate?), strategy fit (does it conflict with anything we’re producing?), business case (can we sell enough of them profitably at the necessary price point?), model design (can we make an appealing model that adheres to our standards?), and other criteria. Though they are being reviwed at the same time, each project will be considered independently on its own merits.

Learn More about the LEGO Review
For background, check out our three-part blog series on the LEGO Review. The first post announces the quarterly schedule, the second outlines the phases of the review, and the final post shares our our cheat sheet on how to pass the LEGO Review.


Future quarterly review deadlines will be will be early September, December, and March respectively. The deadline to achieve 10,000 supporters and qualify for the Fall review is Monday, September 3 (midnight GMT).