Projects Reaching 10,000 Supporters Will Now Be Reviewed Quarterly

In just over six months of open beta, you’ve come from all corners of the Internet and created some awesome projects in hopes of getting your idea produced as a LEGO product. Wow! We can’t tell you how stoked we are at all of your incredible ideas. It’s hard to contain our excitement when we browse the kinds of things you’re making and supporting.

Opening ourselves to your suggestions is still new territory for us. Allowing you to build an audience for your ideas is both a huge opportunity and a risk. Our production abilities are still subject to the laws of physics (drat!), high costs of new molds, and distribution for toy retailers is planned out well in advance too. This makes it easier to sell one-off’s online like the LEGO Minecraft Micro World, but tricky if you want a playtheme or new elements in your project.

The LEGO Review will now happen quarterly
From here forward, we will conduct the LEGO Review of projects that reach 10,000 supporters quarterly. All projects that reach 10,000 supporters between now and June 4 (midnight GMT) will be included in the Summer review. Future quarterly review deadlines will be will be early September, December, and March respectively. Review periods do not have a definite end date due to the complexity of the process, which we will explain in our next post on this topic.

During the review, projects will be evaluated for brand fit (is it appropriate?), strategy fit (does it conflict with anything we’re producing?), business case (can we sell enough of them profitably at the necessary price point?), model design (can we make an appealing model that adheres to our standards?), and other criteria. Each project will be considered independently, but now we’ll review them at the same time.

We queue for production models that pass the LEGO Review
At the end of the review, projects will either be approved or not approved based on how they fit our review criteria. When we announce the review results, we’ll also reveal the final production models for each approved project. We can then potentially pick one project per quarter to put into immediate production as the next LEGO CUUSOO set. This potential set is chosen based on strategic fit and the business case from the review.

The remaining projects that pass Review will be placed in a queue where they will await an open production slot and may be chosen for production at a later date. The order in which they are produced is also dependent on strategy and the business case for each. As the LEGO Group alone takes on the cost of production and associated risk, we will choose LEGO CUUSOO sets for production at our discretion.

LEGO CUUSOO Remains in Beta
It’s important to note both the LEGO CUUSOO website and the operations that produce fan-inspired sets remain in a beta testing period. LEGO CUUSOO is breaking new ground for the LEGO Group, for LEGO fans, and for brand fan communities as a whole. As we work to produce your favourite CUUSOO projects as LEGO sets, it is important that we do so in a way that is scalable and sustainable as a business. Our team will continue to improve and refine this process, and we’re exploring possibilities that will allow you to share the risk of production costs so that your favorite projects can make it into production faster.

This post is the first of a three-part series about the LEGO Review. Look forward to the next post on this topic next week, where we give you an in-depth look at how the LEGO Review process works for projects that reach 10,000 supporters.

8 thoughts on “Projects Reaching 10,000 Supporters Will Now Be Reviewed Quarterly

  1. okay, so the new quarterly review period for projects over 10,000 supporters, and Cuusoo potentially picking only ONE new set to produce doesn’t make me feel comfortable that too many cool new sets will see the light of day.I would have thought that with internet direct-to-customer orders, just-in-time production, and the ability to do pdf format instructions they could roll out set fairly easily. I guess to put the Lego name and seal of approval on it they do have tought standards to follow etc, but if they are rolling out time-limited sets like Avengers (pure cash-in only, come on) then I don’t see complicated, potentially more appealing to adults sets getting made. Seems like a huge opportunity wasted in a way.Cash-ins like My Little Pony sets will probably get green-lighted, while out of the ordinary sets like Exo Suit (a personal favourite) won’t because they use rare pieces, are all in one colour, and complicated. If the Lego Cuusoo stated 6-12 yr old group is the target, I doubt Exo Suit would succeed. A bucket of Star Wars troopers is a no-brainer winner. Eve Online, Serenity ideas won’t go through, while Minecraft does. How many 6-12 yr olds play minecraft? How many know Back to the Future?I have high hopes for Cuusoo, as it seems such a great evolution of what Lego and the power of the internet is about. Why can’t you just sell some sets online? Why do they need to end up on shop shelves? Fingers crossed..

  2. The steps we take to review new projects don’t have anything to do with sets making it to the store shelves. Whether we target a product for online sales only or for potential retail sale, the business case is something that each new LEGO product goes through. In the case of LEGO CUUSOO, you’re seeing the process because the idea wins by a popular vote and then must be developed. Traditionally, all of this happens behind closed doors and we reveal a completed new product.No matter the size of the production run, designing, producing, and manufacturing a new LEGO product requires time, resources, and production planning. Those things are finite. By systematizing this, we’re making sure that LEGO CUUSOO can scale and we’re working so we CAN deliver to you more of the popular projects that you want.Please check back next week and the week after. We’re going to post more about the review process and what it involves so you know what is involved and what to expect. Thanks so much for your interest!

  3. thanks for the response! I will indeed stay tuned for more info on the processes, and will be following developments as they happen :)

  4. Hey, I noticed that this new reviewing system began on May 14, 2012. A highly-anticipated LEGO Cuusoo set, Modular Wild West, reached 10,000 supporters on May 12. Does that mean that it won’t have to wait until June to get reviewed?

  5. This post makes me feel that if the BTTF set does pass review then it will be shelved until 2015 when it is the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.

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