Congratulations to the Firefly Serenity playset reaching 10,000 supporters! Here’s our decision on fit with the LEGO brand.

First and foremost, huge congratulations to tbone_tbl for reaching 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO, and toward everyone for all of the support of the Firefly Serenity Playset project!

LEGO CUUSOO gives the opportunity for adult LEGO fans to submit product ideas. You submit some incredible things, and we’re huge fans of all of your work. This is a beautiful model and a skilled rendition of the beloved Serenity from Firefly built with LEGO bricks.

When reviewing projects for production, the LEGO Jury first looks at how the concept fits the LEGO brand. We learned the IP was questionable regarding a brand fit, and since we anticipated this project reaching 10,000 the team got a head start and reviewed the project on these criteria.

LEGO produces toys for children. Therefore all LEGO products, regardless of age target, must be content-appropriate for this core audience. With this in mind we have decided that as cool as the Serenity model is, the Firefly TV show and Serenity film contain content that is not appropriate for our core target audience of children ages 6-11. While we know this news will disappoint those who supported the project, we will not be producing this as a LEGO product.

Opening ourselves to new product suggestions invites popular ideas that don’t always fit our brand. We are grateful for the spirit behind projects like the Firefly Serenity and for the opportunity to be challenged. It keeps us sharp and looking toward the future of the LEGO brick.

28 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Firefly Serenity playset reaching 10,000 supporters! Here’s our decision on fit with the LEGO brand.

  1. I find this sort of ridiculous, as you have the Star Wars line licensed. It includes lots of violence, gore, and topics of war, genocide, theft, and more yet it’s still on sale. Wouldn’t it just be easier to create an age suggestion in your review and create an age category? Even on your LEGO sets, you have a "Recommended for Ages: ___ and up" little section. Another thing I’d like to point out is that clearly from the CUUSOO site, the majority of the people building and voting on these projects are definitely skilled, but are also adults/know how to deal with adult topics. Also, we LEGO fans do not stay children forever. We grow up, and so do our creations. You may be trying to create and market for 6-11 year olds, but I doubt many 6-11 year olds use the site. So please LEGO, take these sets into actual consideration. You may market to children, but those children will become adults eventually, and if you keep limiting those CUUSOO suggestions to just "appropriate for 6-11 year olds", the appeal of the site is going to diminish as they grow older.

  2. I’m sorry, LEGO, but this is ridiculous. Lots of your products come with properties that contain material that isn’t appropriate for little kids. Indiana Jones has someone’s heart being ripped out of their chest. Star Wars has tons of stuff that isn’t appropriate for children (like anakin in the lava…). But the beauty of Lego is taking those PG-13 properties and making them accessible to both children and adult fans. Obviously, some properties can’t be given that treatment. Shaun of the Dead is an extremely violent movie about flesh-eating zombies being murdered in violent ways. It’s very understandable why LEGO wouldn’t want to try and work with that.But Firefly?there are exactly two aspects of firefly that aren’t comparable to things that LEGO already makes (you can hardly rail against guns or alcohol when you make pirates of the carribean sets): companions/prostitues and the reavers. Reavers is hard to see being a problem since the set doesn’t actually include any reavers or reference them. Not to mention the fact that cannibalism obviously doesn’t bother LEGO as a concept, since you released the cannibalism escape set for PotC. heck, the name of the set includes the WORD cannibal. And as for their appearance, i’d like to again point out that there ARE no reavers in this set. not to mention that frightening appearances appear in plenty franchises, like the Uruk-hai in Lord of the Rings. and yet Lego is making minifigures of those. So Reavers can’t be the problem. Even if all the problems with them were too much for LEGO to take, they can just gloss over their existence. Don’t mention them in the set description or advertising, just like how no-one mentions the heart-ripping when dealing with Indiana Jones. When one small aspect doesn’t fit with the brand, you avoid that ASPECT, not the entire franchise. Lego is the king of this kind of avoidance, yet you ignore that when looking at Firefly. I can, however, understand how Inara’s profession could be considered an issue. Except it’s really the SAME issue. It’s another small aspect of the series that isn’t important to the overall theme of the show. The show is about space pirates flying around, getting into trouble and having adventures. Doesn’t that sound like something perfect for Lego?Truly, I understand the reasoning behind this decision. But I still think it’s wrong. I really think that LEGO needs to rethink the way they’re evaluating these CUUSOO projects. or, honestly, the whole CUUSOO process isn’t going to work. how long will the site keep it’s loyal designers and supporters when LEGO refuses to try and work with ideas that ten THOUSAND people have chosen to support. If LEGO chooses to keep their focus so firmly on avoiding anything that falls into a higher age bracket, even if only by association, then it’s severely limiting the products it can produce and the ideas that it will work with. (also, it REALLY doesn’t help Lego’s argument that they just released several sets based on The Avengers, which is PG-13 and therefore contains content inappropriate for their target age group. Obviously, their target age group shouldn’t be seeing the movie, yet it’s OK to produce toys for them based on the movie. Like I said, it sort of hurts the argument against Serenity, since it was also rated PG-13. just like most of the Star Wars movies. and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. just sayin…)

  3. Oh the irony that a serenity project got cancelled!Your reason doesn’t make seen and comes across as hypocritical. Lego make Pirates of the Caribbean Lego which rating has the same PG-13 rating as Serenity. So why Pirates and not SerenityYou know there still time to reconsider and a big fan base who would buy it

  4. It’s a shame that LEGO thinks that CUUSOO models are targeted at ‘children ages 6-11’. It’s an extended range of products which are meant for AFOLs or TFOLs and will be bought by them in first place. How many great ideas like Winchester will be rejected just because of this nonsence? I think you should understand your audience a little better.

  5. No fair; Batman, The Avengers, Pirates of the Carribean, Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones and even Star Wars all have content that isn’t appropriate for your core target audience of children ages 6-11, yet you happily produce sets for those movies.

  6. Very disappointing, would have made an excellent piece.I foresee many ‘adult’ properties receiving large fan backing.Even though LEGO is an almost-exclusively aimed at young people, that doesn’t necessarily mean products must be marketed to young people.Here’s hoping this finds a home elsewhere

  7. Wait since when are movies rated PG-13 appropriate for 6-11 year olds? You guys sell models for Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. Not to mention the DC universe line. You even have a collection coming out for Lord of the Rings.If you want to stick to a age range of 6-11 and shoot down ideas that don’t fit then maybe you need to look at what you already have because I myself will never let my children watch a PG-13 movie until they are 13 (FYI 13 is outside the range of 6-11).

  8. Wow congrats! Now for the bad news. Lego, you’ve let me down. Why don’t you just be honest and say you don’t want to produce this because you don’t think it will sell? Age appropriate –- excuse me? So, Lord of the Rings (which is a heck of a lot more violent than Firefly/Serenity and all 3 movies were rated PG13) is acceptable? Pirates are all PG13. All the Marvel movies are PG13. The last Star Wars, Harry Potter = PG13. Be honest with your fans and hold stick to your word.

  9. By requiring that ALL LEGO products be content-appropriate for ages 6-11, you are ignoring the vast adult audience your product has.Also, content appropriate? A franchise with a kiss between a man and woman who later find out they are brother and sister, WITH the idea that they ‘always knew’ it. With a major character who has his arm, and both legs cut off. And he is burned over the majority of what is left of his body(in flames!), and left to die by the closest thing he ever had to a father? And later on KILLS said father figure. The same character commits genocide, in a fit of rage.THAT is content appropriate?Don’t get me wrong, I love the Star Wars sets. It just seems a bit of a double standard there. If you decide that the cost of licensing for the product is too expensive compared to the price of the product, that’s legitimate. But, claiming content appropriate seems a bit double standard.

  10. Am I to assume that LEGO doesn’t make any Bible based sets? You know that is full of killing, sex and prostitutes.. even some incest.

  11. Wow.. just wow. Why then do you also sell sets for ages 14+? You know.. your Sopwith Camel? from the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Firefly/Serenity fans that would snap this up in a second, how is an awesome looking spaceship not appropriate for a kid? Just because it’s licenced as Firefly/Serenity, it doesn’t mean that the kid receiving the set will actually get to SEE the series/movie.Then there is Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, all rated PG-13 and higher (in Australia). You can’t sit there and tell me that they are any more appropriate than the Serenity ship.Bad Lego!

  12. Seriously LEGO? Disappointing. You guys have TONS of things that aren’t aimed at ‘6-11’ age. And tons of people who go outside of that range anyway. I agree with the others. If you can make Starwars, Lorrd of the Rings, etc – you can make my Firefly.

  13. Disappointed. If LEGO is going to reject CUUSOO projects citing target audience age restrictions, they should seriously consider cancelling the CUUSOO project as a whole, as I bet the majority of projects out there are aimed at an audience outside of their core target demographic. LEGO: Please define the purpose of CUUSOO if you’re going to use demographics as a rationale for rejection.

  14. Very disappointed to see this. I loved legos as a kid and would’ve bought this in a second. May I remind you that Han Solo, captain of the Miluneum Falcon, shoots first in the same manner Capt. Malcolm Reynolds does?

  15. As a LEGO VIP member with over 4k points, you can say that I have been a loyal brand advocate for you; and now I am questioning my stance. I just expected better from you LEGO- much better. As others have pointed out, your argument is weak at best. While I can respect your values and commitment to your child audience, I have to question how you determined that Firefly violates your corporate standards while other properties don’t. As others have pointed out, many of your current properties grossly violate any standards you deem age appropriate. Harry Potter, just as an example highlights violence against children- the main character is actually being hunted down by an adult! What about that screams age appropriate? Black Widow’s only real power is her sexuality, which she uses to obtain information in Avengers- but that didn’t stop you from making her available as a minifig in a $60 set. Heck even Deadpool made the cut as being age appropriate for children 6-11; has anyone at the LEGO group ever read a Deadpool comic or did the $$$ from Disney trump your moral code?! Nothing in a Deadpool comic would be appropriate for children ages 6-11!You could have come out and claimed something simple like licensing issues, but instead you stood behind a moral code riddled with holes. At the end of the day, I know this comes down to cash and future development. The Firefly universe is not nearly as expansive as some other properties and what’s the point of investing all the time in R&D for one set, right?

  16. There are a lot of degrees of "appropriate" to consider. Star Wars and Indiana Jones have very occasional scenes that might not be appropriate to very young children. Lord of the Rings is a little worse, but it is still obviously fantasy and not reality. On the whole though, all of these series (Harry Potter included) were made with both younger and adult audiences in mind.Firefly (the TV show) deals extensively with themes and situations including prostitution, torture, murder, and cannibalism. It is an adults only show.It is definitely disappointing that we will not see a Firefly Lego set, but given the themes of the show no-one can be surprised by this decision.

  17. Wow, I’m baffled. Being "not appropriate for our core target audience of children ages 6-11" is a very lame excuse, LEGO. Doesn’t sounds sincere in any degree…

  18. I thought it made sense that you don’t want to make a product that doesn’t fir your target group. However, thinking again, it does not. Notice that reaching 10000 supporters shows that there is a DIFFERENT target group (adults) that would buy your lego products. Why not target them as well?Sorry if this reply is bitter, but denying this project, basically denies about 100% of the other projects in Cuusoo I was excited about. I guess I’ll have to go back to the AFOL communities to fill the gap that the official LEGO group cannot fill…

  19. Since nobody mentioned it, in lieu with some of the above comments. Back to the Future is also not ‘age appropriate’ but it recently got approved. Why not just say that the real reason you don’t want to do this set is because you don’t want to pay FOX and Joss Whedon royalties? That;s more believable then saying it’s not age appropriate.

  20. "Lord of the Rings is a little worse, but it is still obviously fantasy and not reality". There isn’t anything "little" about the battle of helm’s deep, which very thoroughly examines death, violence and blood. and as for it being fantasy, and that making it be OK… you do realize that Firefly is science fiction, right? how is that less OK than fantasy? The actual Serenity set it a spaceship. obviously sci-fi, in other words. not reality. so, by the argument for allowing Lord of the Rings, Firefly should be allowed too.

  21. Excuse me, this is ridiculous. The amount of gore, killing, murder and torture in the other films is certainly comparable to Firefly, perhaps with the exception of Harry Potter where the on-screen atrocities are relatively understated but then any of the 11-year-olds on-screen can kill you with their brain. Hm, let’s see, could it be that the real problem here is Inara? Because sex is much more evil than tearing someone’s heart out?Just sayin’.

  22. Wow. After reading the description of "what fits the brand" and all these comments about how nearly every lego line has what "should not" be part of their brand, (not to mention you have to be at least 13 to vote for projects not even targeted towards you), all I can say is how disappointing. If Lego Legend of Zelda doesn’t get approved, then I’m gone and so should everyone else. Cuusoo has no base if people at other ages can’t have their ideas made just cause they aren’t 6-11, even if they do manage to get the support needed.

  23. "Death, killing, blood, terrorism, or torture"Star Wars has EVERY LAST ONE of these.It also has mass murder, sadism, enslavement, blatant sexual overtones involving a lecherous, perverted slugman slobbering all over slavegirls in metal dresses, decapitation, bloody, grotesque dismemberment…If you’re going to try and make up garbage about standards? FOLLOW THEM FIRST.

  24. The argument that certain content isn’t appropriate for ages 6 to 11 was flimsy at best in regards to the Winchester/Shaun of the Dead set, but it’s just plain ridiculous when used to justify not making a set based on Firefly/Serenity.Here are some other things inappropriate for 6 – 11 year olds: 1. Children being murdered (Star Wars episode 3, the murder of the younlings)2. Children being beaten and forced into slavery (Indiana Jones Temple of Doom)3. Children being stalked, tortured, and murdered (every Harry Potter)4. Children being hanged by the neck as criminals (Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End)If the concern is that a Firefly set could possibly pique a children’s interest in the show, that watching it would expose them to violence, then perhaps a line of sets based on legendary assassins might not have been the best idea. By that logic Ninjago will be single handedly responsible for turning a generation of kids into killers for hire.

  25. Just admit it Lego, your worried you’re not going to make much $$$. If you want to target 6-11 year olds, they should submit ideas to CUUSOO, they should support stuff on CUUSOO.

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