Approval Process for New Projects on LEGO CUUSOO


Today we introduce an approval process for new projects, similar to how the Apple App Store handles new app submissions. Our team will check for adherence to the Guidelines and House Rules. We do this so that we can maintain a healthy community by only allowing appropriate projects from the start.

We’ll check for plagiarism, too, but can’t guarantee we’ll catch every instance. You will still be able to report projects that aren’t based on original work, and if we confirm a project uses someone else’s work, we will remove it.

Once we examine your new project, we’ll either approve and publish it, or let you know the reason it was not approved so you can edit it and submit again. Please understand that by approving and publishing your project, our team is not endorsing your project as a product idea.

It’s our hope that adding this review step will provide a better experience than the old setup of allowing you to publish your project and then removing it later if it doesn’t follow the community standards.

Thank you again for using LEGO CUUSOO and best of luck with your projects!


12 thoughts on “Approval Process for New Projects on LEGO CUUSOO

  1. I think this is a wise move on Lego’s part. There is no reason for fans to get excited about a product that Lego will not make. Will the same process be applied to the currently existing projects though? I think that if Lego should at least put a comment on the projects that already exists that they will not support.

  2. It would be nice if Lego went through the current submissions and removed things currently owned by rival companies, as well as "army builder" projects.

  3. This sounds like it should really improve the general quality of projects on Cuusoo. I look forward to its implementation.

  4. We’re gearing up to go through the existing projects and apply the same criteria. There’s a lot of them, though, and it’s going to take some time. If you see some that are obvious, you’re welcome to flag them. Just please don’t add fuel by commenting that you’ve flagged it as I’ve seen some people do.There are some projects that we know we will not produce, that we will add a comment to and archive. Of course we’re going to take care to do this in the most kind way possible, given that we have tremendous respect for the time and creativity people have put into their work.Now that it’s been several days, what do you think of the new projects posted this week?

  5. I am glad to see it has not had a big impact on the rate of new projects. I was afraid when you described it as "Like the App store" that it would take several days for each project to get approved.I am glad that I have not seen and X x this figure or Sets which obviously would undermine Lego’s other fine products. I can see that you are not discouraging people just because they do not have the quality of some of the other projects which I think is great. Perhaps you should encourage people to do as I did and Aid existing projects if you have the ability to do so. This of course would require the Private Communication methods, that I know you are trying to implement, to be successful. I have also been happy to see "Tim" taking a more active role in commenting and curtailing bad behavior. I am very glad to hear that you will be going through the existing projects. I don’t want to waste my time upgrading projects (specifically for Cuusoo) if Lego will not produce them. You obviously know your jobs better than I do, but I would prefer you to top down approach (most supported that is). That would allows the projects with the most followers to help spread the message on what is acceptable.For instance I have my own Firefly project (, as well as other themes based on media productions… so I am VERY curious about what Lego things about curious about as far as appropriateness goes. Cheers and Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. The challenge with most of the battle pack and minifig collection projects is many of them feature copy-and-pasted artwork from official images, or they use images that belong to other builders. We’ll still approve totally original battle pack projects. The reason you haven’t seen too many of them is because the way people make them violates the Guidelines.I (Tim) have been making a few guiding comments on projects if there’s something a little off, instead of rejecting the project altogether, I think that’s a better approach. We do filter for some quality measures, such as poor photographs, but as far as model quality, as long as someone has put effort into building something original, we will accept it.

  7. I am glad to hear that. Was not sure now stringent the application process was going to be. To anyone reading this article, I just submitted and had approved my first project (post reviewing that is). It is rather painless and currently does not take much time at all.Tim’s comments (about my project) were spot on as well. The only problem I can see with the review process is now the Discovery Page. If one person is reviewing projects than the all buy the last one will only have a brief moment of spotlight….also, the Last one to get published before the night is over gets 8 hours of spotlight. One way to fix this would be to have the Discover page randomly display a project from the last 24 hours.

  8. This is a great way to do this! Now only if you would let people under 18 post sets :(nxtstep101

  9. I have seen astounding things come from the sub18 crowd and horrible things come from the post18 crowd. It is my understanding however that the issue is mostly a legal one. By publishing a project on Cuusoo you are signing a contract with Lego. Minors cannot enter into contracts. I do believe, though do not quote me on this that your guardians can officially post projects for you.

  10. Having spent an hour wading through 110 pages of ideas, it is certainly useful to be have a better filter applied for the approval process. However it is also clear that there were some excellent projects submitted months ago, which are totally lost amongst the noise of recent entries, armies, computer game / film tie-ins. It would be nice for the ‘discover’ pages to bring up more of the older models as i’m pretty sure the demographics of Cuusoo has changed a lot since they were first posted, and burried.

  11. Thanks for bringing up the spotlight, GlenBricker. Since the feature was written before the approval process, it does give the most recently approved project all of the exposure after a moderator goes through the batch. We’ll look at that.We’re looking at ways to give older projects exposure on the site. However, the best way to get your project exposure always has been to promote it off-site. If you own an older project, then get out there and promote it! People on the site will see activity on the feed, to. But, the most success will come from sharing it with new audiences. Check out the latest post, with some tips on that:

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