Announcing LEGO Minecraft™ Micro World, the third LEGO® CUUSOO product.

We’re thrilled to give you the first look at the third LEGO CUUSOO product, 21102 LEGO Minecraft Micro World. The Minecraft project was the first to reach 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO and pass the review required to become a LEGO product.

The Model
Each box includes parts to build four cubic modular vignettes that you can connect to recreate the Minecraft experience in LEGO bricks. One Minecraft block is equal to one 1×1 LEGO plate with a tile on top–not a perfect cube, but the best approximation at the chosen scale.

The set includes two of Minecraft’s most iconic characters, Steve and a Creeper, represented as “Micro Mobs.” The surface of the modules comes off to reveal mines and hidden resources beneath. You can build your own landscapes, stack cubes on top of each other, and build the world of Minecraft as you wish. LEGO Minecraft Micro World presents a modular standard for building a Minecraft world that can be configured any way you like.


The Design Process
LEGO Minecraft Micro World
was developed in collaboration with four LEGO fans: Chris Malloy, Michael Thomas (suparMacho), Kyle Tingey (koalaexpert), and Bjarne Panduro Tveskov. These fans developed their own concepts alongside LEGO designer Steen Sig Andersen and the LEGO CUUSOO team, and helped us shape the product into its final version.

The concept has taken quite the journey from the original concept images at a 2×2 brick scale. Once the group saw the micro-scale concepts, there was no doubt that this was the right direction for the product. Bjarne Panduro Tveskov, himself a former LEGO model designer, said the scale “packs the most Minecraft DNA into the model per LEGO brick,” and we all agreed.

Now Entering Production
Now that the product design is complete, the LEGO Minecraft Micro World is entering production. Over the next couple months, look forward to highlights of the design process and maybe even a sneak peek into the factory as it comes off the line. The set is in the middle of a record six-month journey from concept to finished product and will be available for you by summer 2012.

Pre-Order Yours Today
You can pre-order today and be one of the first to receive LEGO Minecraft Micro World when it ships this summer. LEGO Minecraft Micro World is available for pre-order exclusively through Mojang retail partner J!NX for $34.99. To pre-order yours, become a fan of LEGO Minecraft on Facebook. You’ll also be able to buy the sets this summer via and select LEGO brand retail stores.

Mojang will donate the 1% proceeds from LEGO CUUSOO to charity.

140 thoughts on “Announcing LEGO Minecraft™ Micro World, the third LEGO® CUUSOO product.

  1. oh.i thought it would be better than this. i mean, micro mobs? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? i state on behalf of several fans saying: we wanted it to be in scale with minifigures. (and that way, one square would be a 2×2 with a 2×2 plate on the top and bottom…)but then we could have tools. and pigs. and teh chikkenz!all in all i’m dissapointed with the way this came out. sorry, but this isn’t the way forward. :(

  2. This would be cool if they had more monsters but these blocks look nothiing like minecraft you should check out the minecraft building kit product itss better then this

  3. ah, yeas. an awesome idea, but I agree when we say that this was put together in a hurry. we want actual blocks, based on the in-game ones. detailed textures, whole blocks (not just slabs), more options (other blocks, such as diamond, redstone, working benches, and stuff like that could be included), and other mobs. so much potential wasted. now, I understand that you sometimes can’t include detailed textures directly into your standard-sized LEGO blocks, but there must be something you can do. I would definetly buy this if it had more features.but I have to admit, this is really nice for decoration. I would love to have a minecraft world just sitting there on my desk. It would look nice.

  4. I’m gonna go against the grain here and say that I really like the look of the set, and will definitely be buying it when it comes out. It may not be a minifig-scale set, but to be honest I feel the micro-scale style has a certain charm to it.

  5. I see some potential in this, but I think there should be some way for the characters to fit inside structures more easily. As for this modular system, I can see quite a few potential modular sets, containing different sections to mix-and-match. Desert, Ice, Mountain, and Testificate Village could be "surface" sections, while Dungeon, Abandoned Mine Shaft, and Stronghold could be "underground" sections. I can also see the Nether and the End, but as seperate entities that would be hard to connect with the others. Combine enough sections, and you’ve got your own miniature Minecraft world.One last thing… I don’t think a Lego Minecraft videogame would be a good idea. It would be very redundant.

  6. So, they’re…Legos.This barely even has anything to make it stand out from just a construction set, aside from the specific minifigs. Everything else I can just find anywhere.No unique bricks with specific patterns or anything.

  7. cccccccccccc””””””””””’eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttt trop génial

  8. @DaveThe proportions aren’t wrong, there just giving a close up of the figures with the set in the backround.

  9. I think this is awesome! I don’t see how Lego have made such a great set and all they end up getting is criticism from people! What were you expecting?It’s not all that expensive either, (I’d buy it) only £23, €27, $35.

  10. Plus: Do you know how expensive it actually is to get specific printed textures on every single brick?!?! It’s not cheap! If you were to have Minecraft textured Lego bricks, the prices on these sets would soar!

  11. well, the general idea is nice, but this set hasn’t much more in common with the original minecraft than those micro mobs: actually the blocks should be all of the same size, but now compare the dirt block on top of the mountain with the other dirt blocks on the slopes… there is no uniform system. and as the scale of this set is not able to offer elemental items like pickaxes or chests, you can not even recreate the gaming experience of minecraft.yeah, it’s true, we should be grateful that lego even thought about this topic, but apparently, they didn’t put much effort in this set. selling it for 35$ is only not justifiable.

  12. I think too many people were setting their hopes a bit too high – expecting huge sets with caves, dungeons and scale minifig Steve’s etc. We can’t forget that the prices of such sets are based on the price of each individual brick used and all the work that has to be put into it.Also, this is just the first set! Surely we can expect another possible set at some point! But if everyone’s criticizing it they’ll end up giving up with the idea all together! Surely a majority of us can at least appreciate their work.

  13. i think this criticism has gotten out off hand im sure LEGO likes it if they didnt then they would not sell it and everyone likes LEGO sets if they had bad judgement then every lego set would suck now stop being tecnical geeks and seeing that "one pixel is in the wrong place" if you dont like it dont buy it if you do good for you so stop criticising it and get on with your lives

  14. What I really like about the set:1. It’s micro, making it possible to build a large Minecraft world without having to spend loads of cash2. It’s customizable, the "cubic modular vignettes" can be combined in different ways and possible future sets can be combinedI have never played Minecraft, but this seems like a great LEGO set for any fan of retro gaming.

  15. Its awesome but i would make these changes to it:make the house 2 blocks taller so steve can fit inside itgive steve small minecraft arms that can hold tools that you can makesome things for the commenters:in the 6th picture you can see cross shaped sticks and you can see in the same picture blocks that fit onto the sticks so you can make tools!the steve and creeper things are meant to be small because they are micro-mobs and are meant to be minithey say if you remove the top there is a cave system bellow that is what most of the set is abouthave you noticed that you can remove the blocks and place them somewhere else and you can make LOADS of different minecraft sets so you don’t always have the same map?there will probably be more sets in the series and the price will get lower the older the set isi think that this set could have a few improvements that would make this set cooler than most lego sets!

  16. Um. £35, plus £12 for delivery!? What a rip-off. I was going to buy this, but there’s nothing in the set that merits the premium UK pricing… especially when it’s $35 and $7 delivery. Sort out the pricing and I’ll buy this.

  17. There’s a problem with u! OK, FOR YOU IS EXPENSIVE WE ALL KNOW, —BUT!— Take in mind the factory costs, the boxing, the marketing. OH GOD CAN’T YOU THINK!? YES IT’S EXPENSIVE, BUT TAKE IN MIND THEM.

  18. LOL its kinda cool,but i dont see anything good about this.if they invest in it,they are extremely stupid.

  19. This doesen’t look what I’d thought you’d come out with. To be fair you could make this with an ordinary set of lego, or at least be really close. It would look so much more like minecraft if the blocks of lego were pixelated, then I think alot more people would buy these set. Otherwise it’s just a lego landscape, vagely like Minecraft.

  20. I actually love the model. I think they did great with choosing to do it as micro-scale models. I like the small size and the fact that you can switch different pieces around.Now for my only Con which is a pretty huge one. The price. $35?!?! For that? Ouch. I would have a hard time paying even $20 for it let alone $35. So like I said it was a great model, and I would’ve loved to buy it and support, but not for $35. Sorry, it’s just too much for a small lego set.

  21. You know, they really should build more sets and have more ways to combine them. They also should have made the price at the max 30$ or pounds or whatever

  22. I hate to say this, but I don’t like it.It was as simple as creating blocks. Square blocks. With few exceptions like grass flat blocks and the characters. Those longs and flat blocks… This is not the essence of Minecraft.

  23. Haters, stop hating. It’s a perfect design, I mean, I would keep it as a desk accessory, rather than in a box in my attic, as a large set of …a snow biome. The minifigures are great, and it’s a cute idea.

  24. So um well everyone says this is horrible but Re-Model the sets a bit people ok but the houses door is way to small but here is the benefitsFirst make the edges a bit different it looks to much like the mincraft OcD and Painterly pack for mminecraft combined so make them desgins=d like actuall minecraft bricks.Then if you get High enough sales send a contract to lego brand and show them all the benefits and with there help remodel it Then its a hit and everyones happy;DPS check me out on blogger at LapisLanders

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