Minecraft™ LEGO® CUUSOO Project Passes LEGO Review

Happy New Year! Since the Minecraft™ project reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO® CUUSOO, many of you have been eagerly awaiting our update.  Until now, the project has been in the LEGO Review—a stage before product development begins where a LEGO Jury evaluates the idea’s feasibility as a product and makes a decision.

We’re happy to announce that the Minecraft project on LEGO CUUSOO has passed the LEGO review and we are now developing a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the LEGO system and in Minecraft. We can’t wait to show it to you—but it isn’t ready just yet. These things take time, so we appreciate your patience. More details are to come.

67 thoughts on “Minecraft™ LEGO® CUUSOO Project Passes LEGO Review

  1. i drove to the store to see if it was there but it wasnt so i said son of a b***h outloud and they banned me

  2. Hi!I love how the set turned out and I would like to buy one of these! HOWEVER the only way i could possibly preorder a set would be Jinx.com – which would cost me 15€ for shipping. Will it be possible to buy the set in other countries than America when it is released?

  3. O MY GOD THAT´S SO TERRIBLE!!!!! really this minecraft lego stinks. I love minecraft so i though this was going to be AWESOME! but now when i see it it, i´m really disipointed :(. i mean its so small and it cost so ******* much. and all the figures… well as i said i´m really really REALLY disipointed. >;(my friends told me this thing was good. i can tell you one thing: they lied totally.I WHANT HEROBRINE!!! AND MR PIG AND MR COW AND MR CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!AND MR SKELETON AND MR ZOMBIE!!!!!§ i think all my dreames got brocken as fast as i saw this ;(

  4. Are the legos going to have the pixilated design like they do in the game and when are they going to come out?


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