Minecraft™ LEGO® CUUSOO Project Passes LEGO Review

Happy New Year! Since the Minecraft™ project reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO® CUUSOO, many of you have been eagerly awaiting our update.  Until now, the project has been in the LEGO Review—a stage before product development begins where a LEGO Jury evaluates the idea’s feasibility as a product and makes a decision.

We’re happy to announce that the Minecraft project on LEGO CUUSOO has passed the LEGO review and we are now developing a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the LEGO system and in Minecraft. We can’t wait to show it to you—but it isn’t ready just yet. These things take time, so we appreciate your patience. More details are to come.

67 thoughts on “Minecraft™ LEGO® CUUSOO Project Passes LEGO Review

  1. @Louis: It’ll be Minecraft with just LEGO branding. Nothing changes. People would pay $60 for that.

  2. I’d buy the Shinkai and Hayabusa if you would ship outside Japan. It’s difficult for me to understand why it’s so difficult to mail a package.

  3. You guys are too late. Someone’s already re-making year one of the Bionicle saga with MineCraft. They have custom MineCraft skins that look exactly like the Toa, Toungha, and Rahi we all know and love. Google "BioCraft: Chronicles" to be blown away by the perfect blend of nostalgia and awesomeness. ;)

  4. When they make the mine craft Lego set, I hope they consider making the doors and the ladders two studs wide. Also, consider making the fences look like the ones in Minecraft.It would be nice to have Build your own Minecraft Lego set where it has every item from Minecraft in Lego so that you can make your own stuff.For sets, you should have a nether set, the end sets, dungeon sets, strong hold sets and possibly a house set.

  5. Been a while since i played while legos..lolIf anything, minecraft has made me better at building stuff with them.

  6. I dun have lego blocks.If CUUSOO suported creat system on web(and screenshot) many users can join it.

  7. ummmmm hannah biocraft if a spoof funny movie in the making not sets besidses when that comes out and this its a blend of epicness hope it comes out to australia

  8. @Mactray: You’ve obviously never liked Bionicle then. True, it has its funny moments, but make no mistake: It. Will. Be. Epic. And I’m not going to let you ruin my nostalgia high or any other of the thousands of Bionicle fans’ excitement. ^-^ Unity, Duty, and Destiny!

  9. WHAT THE HEAK HANNNA IM ONE OF THE BIGGESTFANS OF BIONICLE IN AUZTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides i am going to imbrace this all in a non fighting mood and say this: with all this cool crap goining on the year rocks!!!!!!!!

  10. This is a redundant idea. Cuusoo was meant to showcase fan creations that were good enough to become real retail Lego sets, not be railroaded by computer game fans into creating their merchandise for a game which is essentially…… Lego?Wouldn’t be so bad if so many didn’t call them ‘Legos’ – it’s Lego, even as a plural.

  11. Stu, you obviously don’t play much Minecraft if you still think it is essentially Lego. it’s like saying that an old Nokia phone and an iPhone 4s are basically the same because you talk to other people on them.

  12. I’m a member of the Biocraft Team – a Voice Actor as a matter of fact, and long-time friend of the entire team making it. I’d just like to say that Biocraft is NOT a budgeted movie, it is simply a group of Bionicle fans recreating Year One of Bionicle, using Minecraft as a Medium.Believe me, we’re shocked to have so many fans, but this isn’t really the place to discuss it. I’d also like to say that because Biocraft is not a budgeted Project, you won’t have to worry about "where it will come out," because as long as you have access to Youtube you’ll be able to watch.Thanks for the enthusiasm you two, but don’t worry. We’re making sure to take into account the needs of the community at large, considering that we aren’t making this for ourselves. We’re making this for the Fan Community of Bionicle.

  13. THis is so fluffing amazing!!!! They have to make dimod armour for lego people!!! they just have to!!!!!

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