Updates to the LEGO CUUSOO Terms of Service and Guidelines

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve made some key updates to our Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service, which we have outlined in two earlier posts here. We’re making these changes to provide a foundation so we can continue building LEGO CUUSOO and help your projects succeed. Here we’ll walk you through the most significant changes. You also might want to review the entire Project Guidelines and House Rules so you are familiar with all of the changes.

Improving Project Quality
Many of the projects on LEGO CUUSOO are very high quality and we are amazed at the talent and creativity expressed here. We’re working to help increase quality on some of the lower quality projects as well. The new Guidelines, House Rules, and TOS are motivated in large part by the desire to build LEGO CUUSOO into a vibrant, creative community of high quality ideas that have strong potential to become LEGO products.

A Focus on Original Work
LEGO CUUSOO exists to allow you to share your original ideas and to help you make your LEGO wishes come true. LEGO builders of all ages put a lot of effort into their creations, and naturally take pride in them. It isn’t fair for you to upload someone else’s work as your own. Therefore, LEGO CUUSOO only allows users to create projects based on their own work, without exceptions.

Projects We Allow
Here are some details on the types of projects that are welcome on LEGO CUUSOO:

  • Original Projects – If you submit an original idea that you conceived yourself, it reaches 10,000 supporters, and we opt to produce it, you will receive the standard 1% royalty.
  • Projects Based on Third-Party Intellectual Property – We welcome projects based on third party intellectual property (such as movies or games). If one of these projects reaches 10,000 supporters, we will handle the necessary licensing arrangements (so don’t worry about that). Like any LEGO CUUSOO project, you must provide your own original model and cannot use anyone else’s work. If we produce a product based on your project and original model, you will still receive the 1% royalty.
  • Theme-Based Projects – You are welcome to create projects to introduce a new LEGO theme or product line. (Note: We initially restricted these projects with the new Guidelines update, intending that such a rule would improve project quality by making projects more focused. However, we recognize the effort you are putting into projects like these and will instead work to help increase quality by offering our own tips and suggestions that will encourage others to support).
  • New Part or Element Projects – It is difficult to quantify up-front how many kits in which a part will be sold, and over how many years. We’ve decided it makes more sense to compensate part designs with a one-time flat fee that we determine. That fee could vary, which is why we don’t define it up-front, but it will be fair and proportionate to what the royalty would be for a LEGO set project.

Removing “Bring Back” Projects
LEGO CUUSOO is designed for you to submit your own new and original ideas to be considered as potential LEGO products. Since “bring back” projects are links to retired products the LEGO Group owns, they aren’t original or new and aren’t appropriate for CUUSOO. We will be contacting owners of “bring back” projects and removing them over the course of the next week.

Protecting Our R&D Efforts
There’s naturally a possibility that you could post a Project without knowing the LEGO Company is already developing a similar product. Because our product development timelines span months and even years, we ask that you understand overlaps of this nature are unintentional on our part. By participating on LEGO CUUSOO you agree that if this happens, you will not claim infringement against us. In return, we promise you that we will not take this clause in the TOS and Guidelines as license to be opportunistic, and will respect instances where your projects predate our efforts.

Creating a Positive and Respectful Environment
LEGO CUUSOO is meant to be a fun and respectful atmosphere. We’ve established the House Rules so you can help us keep it that way. The House Rules have two important updates this week:

  • Please keep your comments coherent. Refrain from using incomplete sentences, ALL CAPS, txtspeak, chatspeak, and the like. Respect other users by writing comments that are easy to understand.
  • We don’t allow advertising, religious preaching, or political campaigning and we do not allow content that is intended to put down anyone else’s political or religious views. Also, LEGO CUUSOO is not a format for you to advertise your business, employer, or non-profit. For context and explanation, refer to the House Rules.

Shifting Gears
We’ve made these changes to provide a foundation to help your projects succeed. We believe the new Guidelines communicate more clearly the types of projects that we are looking for and provide a clear baseline from which we can encourage high quality ideas and curate content appropriately. Now that these updates to the Guidelines and Terms of Service are in place, we’re shifting gears toward helping you increase the quality of your projects and attract more supporters.

Happy building!

11 thoughts on “Updates to the LEGO CUUSOO Terms of Service and Guidelines

  1. I do have a last question that I had thought of while perusing the site, and you guys touched on it here: How will you guys handle the royalty aspects of a third party line, for something that is very popular and has been voiced by many? Will you only reward the original, or maybe a group effort among many that post for a line, or what? Some examples are the Back to the Future, and Phineas and Ferb lines. While I love the quality of the projects posted, I do know that many have made their own great projects and also similarly voiced their want of those lines, whether on cuusoo or otherwise, and for long before [cuusoo] was created. Should only those who were first to post here to cuusoo get that kind of credit? I only ask because the thought occurred to me about some of the ramifications about popular and known third party products.

  2. Very good question.The project creator receives the royalties associated with the project. We’re alright with that person collaborating with others and we’ve said so in the Guidelines, but right now we don’t have a mechanism for dividing up the royalty between users, so that’s up to them.We’re thinking through ways we can build collaborative features into the site so that this can be transparent and so that we can handle it, but right now we aren’t set up to do that.When referring to others’ ideas around a line and where they fall in this … we also believe in rewarding the effort that attracts the supporters. It takes a lot of effort to gather 10,000, as you can see the DeLorean is doing very well but it is still taking time. So, in our view if that clears the hurdle and we go forward, it deserves the reward.We’ll share more of our thoughts on where the value lies in project creation and supporter gathering in the weeks to come as we start working to help users create the best projects they can.I know this is not a complete answer, but I hope it explains our approach.

  3. Hey! My only question is if we posted something military related, and let’s pretend that it gets 10,000 supporters, is there a chance at all that it could get passed through? I had heard that LEGO isn’t allowed to do military related themes. Is that true?

  4. I’m relieved about the themes still being allowed. But it doesn’t say how much of the royalties the project creator gets… I suppose it is subject to all sorts of factors, so I guess it’s understandable. Some themes will be generic ideas (such as "Lego Greek Mythology"), while others will be more original and better thought out (eg lizardman’s "Dragon Slayers"), so it’s not fair to treat them all equally.The "original ideas only" thing implicitly excludes projects that are just a movie poster or logo, or a photograph of a non-lego landmark, but I think that needs to be made more obvious, since those sorts of projects are still being created.I am happy about the end of "Bring Back" projects, though. I think that alone will trim a lot of the fat.

  5. @Austin, I’m going to have to research that and get back to you because I do not have a 100% firm answer in my head. We have very specific (internal) standards about products that depict violence and conflict play. We’ve also stayed completely away from present-day military. Of course, we will share more about that when we start talking about review criteria in more detail.@Bunyip If a theme concept is produced, you would get 1% for us producing product(s) based on your original work. With generic ideas, we will reward the best entry and the one that succeeds in gaining followers with the royalty. Once we know more how we will handle collaborative projects, there might be updates to that model where we develop a fair system of sharing between users, but for now, that is what it is.


  7. @Demontile: – As upset as you are, please don’t type in all caps. It’s the internet equivalent of shouting, and comes across as excessively rude. – Old product lines are discontinued to make room for new ones. They are not simply "destroyed". – How does the justified removal of "Bring back…" projects disgrace Bionicle fans? – What sources / references do you have to back up your claim that the discontinuation of Bionicle made Hero Factory unpopular? If you can’t provide solid peer-reviewed evidence / studies / market surveys to prove what you say, then your point is moot.

  8. One question. How do you start a project? I have searched the site for 15 minutes and cannot find instructions on how to start a project. I thought that since this is about getting fan input, there would be some glaringly obvious way to submit a set. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m not looking in the right places, or if there is some other way to post projects. Help would be great.Thanks.

  9. @Sam- if you are over eighteen, you just click on the "My Page" tab at the top of the home page. There should then be a green button labelled "Create Project" on the right-hand side. If you are under eighteen, unfortunately you are not allowed to create projects yet. Hope that helps1

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