New LEGO CUUSOO House Rules

As we look forward to revealing and launching Hayabusa and sharing the results of our LEGO Review of Minecraft, we’re happy to see all of the creativity you are putting into your LEGO CUUSOO projects.  There have been some great new projects over the last few weeks and some cool new content on some of the older and more popular projects, too.

LEGO CUUSOO is striving to be a constructive environment where people can share their creativity and new ideas.  The site remains in beta, which means that we are still developing and testing the site and making tweaks to the rules and crowdsourcing model so the site fulfills our vision.  Thanks for understanding that and adapting with us as we learn what behavioral standards make for that constructive community.

Unfortunately we’ve seen some undesirable behavior in some of the projects here on CUUSOO.  Users have been uploading others’ ideas as their own, spamming in the comments, trolling, and even using the comments as a chat room rather than to discuss the projects themselves.  As a result, we’ve taken some disciplinary action as we’ve seen fit.


Site updates are coming

We have been working on a series of updates to the Guidelines and Terms of Service that make it more clear what types of projects and what kind of activity we want to encourage here.  These are due for release in early January.  We’re also going to make it a lot easier and more straightforward to report stolen content.

While we hoped the tone of conversation on LEGO CUUSOO would stay constructive until then, it has not, so we are implementing the new House Rules portion of the revised Guidelines now (based somewhat on the House Rules on LEGO ReBrick) and will follow up with more comprehensive and clear Project Guidelines soon.


It is your responsibility as a user to keep your interactions fun and respectful, so the atmosphere remains positive with a focus on sharing new ideas for LEGO products. To make sure that everyone has a good time, we have made these common sense house rules:

  1.  Be respectful.  When you comment on others’ models, keep your remarks positive.  Even when you have suggestions for improvement, keep a constructive and respectful tone.  Don’t be offensive, creepy, abusive, humiliating or intimidating and don’t harass or impersonate others.  Please also keep your remarks on-topic.  This is not a discussion site, comments on LEGO CUUSOO should be focused around the Projects you are supporting.
  2.  Play nice.  LEGO CUUSOO is to be a good, clean environment.  Don’t create Projects related to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex; or any kind of content containing realistic or extreme violence, or content intended to shock or disgust.
  3.  We will step in if we must.  We reserve the right to remove any comments or content that is in violation of these rules. Repeated or excessive violations of the House Rules will result in a ban from LEGO CUUSOO.


In addition to the House Rules above, here are some examples of good behavior and bad behavior to help you know what is acceptable and what is not:

Keep comments on-topic:



Great model!  I love the use of cheese slopes.  Have you considered adding XYZ to it?

Cool.   Hey, come and support my project about LEGO Galidor.

Keep comments constructive:



This is a good effort, but the color scheme is not that great.  Try using fewer colors.  Stick to two main colors with a couple accents.  It’ll look better, and I think you’ll get more supporters that way.  Good luck!

This sucks.  I’d never vote for a rainbow warrior like that.

Please don’t do these things:

  • Don’t use the comments as a chat room: “Hey everyone, let’s have a team discussion. Everyone comment below this now.”
  • Don’t attack or threaten: “You’re a loser, Bob.  I’m going to come and get you.”

Thank you for working with us to keep LEGO CUUSOO a positive atmosphere, and thanks for your patience as we make a couple necessary adjustments.  Most of all, thank you for sharing your creativity here on LEGO CUUSOO and good luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters for your projects!

7 thoughts on “New LEGO CUUSOO House Rules

  1. Thank you Lego!! Hopefully this will improve the content on the site. Is moderation still strictly staff? Also, will the actual site change much, or will it look the same?

  2. You’re welcome. The look of the site will not change much immediately, however we are working on needed design and UX updates and don’t yet have a definite timeline for release yet. We know that there is room for improvement, but in the real world of development things don’t always move in Internet time. ;-)There are no plans to include volunteer or fan moderators. We’ve made some improvements on the backend so it is easier to catch things more quickly, and will also be adding more moderation staff from LEGO in early 2012.If you use the Report or Mark as Inappropriate feature, we review those daily and it’s our goal to make a yes/no decision on each reported piece of content within 24 hours. We also will delete anything that is very vulgar as soon as one of us sees it. Thankfully that hasn’t had to be too often.For now, the site is proving that there’s definitely demand for fan-generated LEGO product ideas, and we’re really happy with that. We’ll keep working on improvements. Thanks!Tim

  3. We really need these. Thank you so much for posting this! Those examples were unfortunately spot on. One thing I would suggest to help cut down on spam would be to introduce a PM system, so that members can still have their team discussions if they want to, but so that it stays other people’s way.Do you know roughly when the project guidelines will be up?

  4. Just in time.I also follw Rebrick and have taken part in working out their House Rules.So I welcome this on CUUSOO.

  5. Unfortunately, even afew days after this was posted, I am still seeing a shocking amount of spam and borderline abusive posts. Will you guys be getting any more moderators in soon?

  6. Bunyip: I’m sure they will add more moderators, CUUSOO is still in beta so they’re still working on everything including the necessary man/woman power to moderate CUUSOO .

  7. The new Guidelines will be online next week. We’ll be giving some more information about the changes we’re making a little bit later this week.And yes, we’re adding to our moderation team as well as refining the standards for what content gets moderated and how. Some things will receive a warning, others a request to change, and obviously offensive posts and projects will receive immediate removal. I know the last week or two has been difficult with some of the content, spam, and a few abusive users, so thanks for your patience and understanding.Tim

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