Minecraft update set for after Christmas

The holidays are fast approaching, and the elves are making sure store shelves are fully stocked with LEGO sets so that kids (both old and young) can open boxes with that familiar rattle this year…

We know many of you are itching for a verdict and update on a Minecraft LEGO product.  We originally said this would be a 1-2 week timeframe, but since this backs up to Christmas, turns out we were a little ambitious with that estimate.  The LEGO Jury is continuing our evaluation through the break and we anticipate having an update after the holidays.  Thanks again for all of your interest in Minecraft and LEGO sets.  We wish you a great time celebrating with family and friends this coming weekend.

12 thoughts on “Minecraft update set for after Christmas

  1. to Bustin…. good thing lego takes note of all minecraft supporters and creative people who love their lego…people who have vision…Mojang never thought the game would take off the way it did..you might be suprised

  2. @BustinDo you have any toy related to a movie/game/book/serie/…? If yes, your argument is invalid

  3. Hmmm…that makes no sense…if people actually buy items related to games, movies etc, thus being consumers who add to the profit margin…it’s invalid?

  4. Isn’t it obvious? The LEGOJury decided to check out Minecraft and got hooked on it over the holidays, and now no one can get their attention. :-)

  5. I’m seeing a lot of "Have this out by Easter!" For Pete’s sake, don’t rush the guys at LEGO! Better to have a late product than a lousy product.

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