Mojang Starts an Official LEGO Minecraft Project


 We’re happy to share that Mojang has caught LEGO Minecraft fever and is beginning their own project in hopes of crossing the LEGO CUUSOO threshold of 10,000 supporters.  They are happy to collaborate with koalaexpert and suparMacho, the users behind the original LEGO CUUSOO Minecraft project, currently the most popular project on the site.

Since there was dispute on ownership, rights, and collaboration on the original project, we’re happy to see this positive solution emerge.  The new project will be a collaborative effort between Mojang and these builders, and all have agreed that if the threshold is reached and the kits are produced they will donate the LEGO CUUSOO royalties to charity.  Updates are to follow on on Mojang’s LEGO Minecraft project.

12 thoughts on “Mojang Starts an Official LEGO Minecraft Project

  1. I really hope they design new Lego blocks to look like grass, cobble and such. I also wish that they make box sets of random blocks that you could use to create your own world and not just be bound into instructions. My dream in life is to be a Lego designer and if I ever was to become one, my fist order of business was to talk about Minecraft Legos. I really hope they do a good job with this idea because this project really means a lot to me.

  2. I love it !I want it !We all Love it!And we all WANT IT !!!SO BRING IT IN STORES !BUT IN GERMANY TOO !!! :DI AM A BIG MINECRAFT FAN AND A BIG LEGO FAN !SO BRING IT NOW !!!!!!!!

  3. Too bad very few of the supporters will actually buy sets; why buy legos when you can just play the game? But hats off to Notch for doing such a great job of convincing so many people to just hand him their wallets and votes.

  4. @BW: I have plenty of Mario, Halo and other gaming merchandise placed around in my room, even though I can just play those games on my computer. I don’t know about you, but personally I’d love to have at least one set of Minecraft lego’s showing off on my desk. =)

  5. As neat as this idea might be, Lego would have to license the Minecraft IP to produce these sets and the target audience is very, very small. I hate to say it, but even with 10,000 supporters, it likely wouldn’t get past Lego product development.

  6. @Marty – I find it ridiculous that you’d say there isn’t a market for this. Have you seen the numbers for how many registered users there are that play Minecraft? Check out this link: As you can see, thats quite a large number of people interested in Minecraft. And, being that LEGO and Minecraft are very similar, I can see no problem finding a market for a LEGO set inspired by Minecraft. I mean, 17 million users, come on man. That’s a lot of people.

  7. Just to say to all of you that thinks minecraft players wouldn’t buy this stuff. look around in your room or house and see if you can find anything related to a film, cartoon or game. found one? good, now you understand that you bought something related to a film, cartoon or game. Now think of why you bought it. There is your reason!

  8. i love it and this might be a top seller in stores because where ever i go i’m asked if i play minecraft and the answer is yes

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