As we continue to develop the LEGO CUUSOO platform, employees of the LEGO Group will take a more active role participating in comment threads on Projects.  We’ll be here to answer quick questions, point to applicable guidelines, and to give general encouragement to you in gaining more supporters for your projects.  There will also be times where we will need to step in and encourage users to follow the rules and keep comments constructive.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.  The first LEGO employees you will see here are Tim Courtney (timcourtney) and Troels Lange Andersen (TroelsLange).  We’re here to help you get the most out of the site.  When we’re not surfing LEGO CUUSOO, we’re part of the core LEGO CUUSOO team, responsible for improvements to the site and building the community here.  While we don’t promise we can answer every question or fulfil every request, hopefully we can lend some help or encouragement along the way.


Supporting or Commenting Does Not Indicate Endorsement

Before you interact with us, please understand that while we will support models and make general comments, our comments on a Project (or our lack of a comment on another) has no bearing on whether or not the LEGO Group is likely to support a project through the product development process once the project reaches 10,000 supporters.  All projects must cross the 10,000 supporter threshold before being reviewed by the LEGO jury.

Our Opinions Are Our Own

Our personal opinions about each idea on LEGO CUUSOO are our own.  We’ll feel free to add our own thoughts if we particularly like something or have a suggestion, but understand that our own tastes do not influence the process.  Please don’t take our comments on one project and our lack of comments on another to mean that; all projects should go through the same process of gathering supporters to pass the 10,000 supporter threshold before being considered as a possible LEGO product.

How will you identify LEGO employees?

LEGO employees that are official representatives on LEGO CUUSOO will feature a staff ribbon on their avatar and a small LEGO logo next to their usernames so they can be easily identified.  Other LEGO employees may have CUUSOO user accounts, but they are not LEGO CUUSOO administrators and any comments should be taken as their own individual opinions.

Submit Comments Through the Feedback Tab

Please continue to submit your questions, comments, bug reports, and feature requests through the Feedback tab on the right-hand side of LEGO CUUSOO.  This helps us track and prioritize the requests coming in and make sure we properly prioritize feedback.  Thank you.


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