The Second LEGO® CUUSOO Product : Hayabusa

Following the February 2011 release of LEGO® Shinkai 6500, we decided on July 15, 2011 to commercially produce LEGO® Hayabusa. We want to honor the triumphant return of “Hayabusa” with LEGO® bricks.


※The inserted image is a prototype model made by the LEGO team. They will be making modifications.

It’s an ambitious project and one that Japan can be proud of. We want to spread this word to the children as well. They were the ones who inspired this idea.

Message from LEGO:
“We are very encouraged by the strong support this model has from the voters, and I hope that we will be able to reward your support with a new Hayabusa LEGO product. We wish to thank all voters for their great interest and enthusiastic engagement.”

Moving forward, we will be brushing up on the model and examining the specs in preparation for its launch.


Find more projects that you like at LEGO® CUUSOO to support for the third LEGO® CUUSOO product!


11 thoughts on “The Second LEGO® CUUSOO Product : Hayabusa

  1. To whom it may concern:I would like to know how I can log back on to cussoo so I can purchase the new hayabusa lego set. I already purchased the shinkai 6500 and had it sent to my cousins address in Hiroshima Japan. Please respond as you can. Thank you again :Suteibun Guzuman

  2. When LEGO support real LEGO solarcells units that when put together can supply energi to LED light etc…. worlds childen will expirience themselves the future energi… :-) Legosolar

  3. Why doesn’t this match the price at Here Amazon want $160.00 but is only asking somehwere around Y4118, not including taxes, cusoms, import fees and the like…but when I inquireld, they referred me back to Amazon US.Guess we’ll just have to wait on this one!

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