New Updates on LEGO CUUSOO

We’ve made a few major updates on LEGO CUUSOO today. Now we have updated Project page and Discover page for better browsing experience and displaying your project. Please try the new layout and tell us what you think from the “Feedback” tab on the right side of the webisite.

New things on Project Page


Now you can upload a bigger image of your project to appeal other users to get more supporters. On the right side, the number of supporters is much obvious and it is easier to share the project with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. The fanction is the same, but “Follow” a project is now called “Bookmark.” When you bookmark a project, updates of the project will appear at your “My Page.”


The description area is updated. Instead of having small thumbnails on the top, you can add more images into the description area. So, you can display your project with bigger images and write detail explanation specifically to the image. 

Tags and Related Projects are moved to the bottom of the description area.

The right column is also updated.


New things on Discover Page


The bottom part of Discover page is updated. Now there is a big search box, so you can quickly search for specific projects.

There are also new two tabs, Right Now! and New projects.

[ Right Now! Tab ]

Now you can see what other users are doing right now on Discover page. When users do some action for peojrcts, it appears in this tab. 

[ New Projects Tab ]

This tab is self-explanatory. This tab shows the newly created projects. You can check more new projects from this tab.


On the right side, now we have Top 10 column. This column shows the projects that had most supporters in last week. Every Monday, this Top 10 gets update. Keep eye on it to see what projects are popular.


Migration of Japanese projects from old LEGO CUUSOO

We originally started LEGO CUUSOO in Japan. Now all of the projects on the old LEGO CUUSOO are now moved to this site.


We value your feedback

We are working hard to make LEGO CUUSOO better everyday. Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback. You can post your idea from the “Feedback” tab on the right side of website. We look forward to hearing from you about the updates and what we can make improvements.

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